This page contains a summary of events in Monberg & Thorsen’s history, decade by decade.

2011-2020 In 2011 Monberg & Thorsen sells all the shares in Dyrup A/S to the American company PPG with final closing 5th January, 2012.
2000-2010 August 2006 – Closing the sale of the shares in Denerco Oil.

In 2005 Monberg & Thorsen increases ownership interest in Denerco Oil.

In 2003 the Company’s share capital has been reduced by DKK 4 million to DKK 71.7 million.

Change of name, foundation of MT Højgaard and reduction in share capital

At the Annual General Meeting on 21 May 2002 a resolution to change the company’s name from Monberg & Thorsen Holding A/S to Monberg & Thorsen A/S was passed.

Milestones for MT Højgaard

In 2001, the contracting activities of Monberg & Thorsen A/S and Højgaard & Schultz a/s were amalgamated under the name MT Højgaard a/s.

In 2001, Monberg & Thorsen bought back own shares in the open market and subsequently reduced the share capital by nominally DKK 14.4 million in total.

The investment in DENERCO OIL A/S was increased from 6.25% to 12.5% on 1 July 2001.

In 2000, Monberg & Thorsen made a targeted buyback of own shares and subsequently reduced the share capital by nominally DKK 22.2 million in total.

In May 2000, Monberg & Thorsen Holdings shareholders rejected an uninvited takeover bid, as it was judged that the offer did not reflect Monberg & Thorsen Holding A/S’s true values.

1990-2000 Sale of shares and companies and acquisitions in Dyrup
Monberg & Thorsen Holding settles in 2000 their investment in Tamro Oyj by selling all shares in Meco Holding A/S and S&L Invest A/S.

In 1998 Monberg & Thorsen Holding sells its 54.5% shareholding in Codan Gummi A/S. Nomeco A/S is amalgamated with Tamro Oyj. Monberg & Thorsen Holding owns 65.2% of Meco Holding A/S, which holds 28.1% of the shares in Tamro.

In 1996 S. Dyrup & Co. A/S becomes a wholly-owned Monberg & Thorsen Holding subsidiary again. Monberg & Thorsen makes various company acquisitions, small and large, with the highlight of the year being the acquisition of the contracting firm Larsen & Nielsen in December.

In 1993 S. Dyrup & Co. A/S extends its share in the Portuguese company Tintas Dyrup from 49% to 100% and buys the French company Veraline.

In 1992 Nomeco A/S merges with Bang & Tegner A/S, with Nomeco as the continuing company.

Benzon Pharma is sold in 1991. Mecobenzon merges with Nordisk Droge & Kemikalie A/S and changes its name to Nomeco A/S. S. Dyrup & Co. buys Xylochimie in France and the activities of GORI all-wood international as.

1980-1990 MT changes it name to Monberg & Thorsen Holding A/S and merge with A/S Alfred Benzon
Monberg & Thorsen Holding and A/S Alfred Benzon merge. The MT Group now consists of parent company and the subsidiaries: Benzon Brands, Benzon Pharma, Codan Gummi, S. Dyrup & Co., Mecobenzon and Monberg & Thorsen. Benzon Brands is sold later that year.

Monberg & Thorsen buys Danalith’s contracting arm, which continues as two separate divisions under Monberg & Thorsen.

The listed Monberg & Thorsen changes its name I 1988 to Monberg & Thorsen Holding A/S. The contracting activity is demerged into a newly-founded company, Monberg & Thorsen A/S.

In 1986 Monberg & Thorsen acquires the remaining 50% of the shares in A/S Alfred Benzon.

The partnership Greenland Contractors (GC) is founded in 1985 by the partners in DAC and the Greenland Home Rule, with Monberg & Thorsen as sponsor. GC has carried on DAC’s substantial service contracts in Greenland since 1986.

The company MT Oil A/S was established in 1985. MT Oil participates in the partnership Danish Petroleum Enterprise (DPE), which participates in oil exploration in the Danish sector of the North Sea via a 12½% stake in the upstream oil company Dansk Energi Consortium (DENERCO).

1970-1980 Listing on Copenhagen Stock Exchange
After having been owned by the founder families since 1919, Monberg & Thorsen is listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange. From having been a minority shareholder in Codan Gummi A/S for a number of years, Monberg & Thorsen acquires two major holdings, taking its total share of the voting share capital to 52%. Codan Gummi A/S becomes part of the MT Group.
1960-1970 Acquisition of stake in A/S Alfred Benzon
Monberg & Thorsen acquires a stake in A/S Alfred Benzon. The holding is increased to 50% over the next four years.
1950-1960 Greenland
The partnership Danish Arctic Contractors (DAC) is founded by six Danish firms of contractors, with Monberg & Thorsen as sponsor. DAC has since carried out major building, construction and service works in Greenland.
1940-1950 Scaling down and reconstruction
The Second World War put a stop to many of Monberg & Thorsen’s activities. It was difficult to find employment, and a shortage of raw materials and spare parts did not make it any easier to complete contracts already entered into.

After the war, Monberg & Thorsen participated in the general reconstruction work and was able to complete the projects commenced before the war.

1930-1940 Internationalisation
From being a personally owned company, Monberg & Thorsen becomes a joint-stock company with a share capital of DKK 1.5 million. Monberg & Thorsen is awarded a contract for a grain silo in Iran. This event marked the beginning of Monberg & Thorsen’s activities outside Scandinavia. The Little Belt Bridge was built in 1928-35.
1919-1930 Foundation of Monberg & Thorsen and S. Dyrup & Co

Axel Monberg
1893-1971Ejnar Thorsen
The engineers Axel Monberg and Ejnar Thorsen, as a personally owned company, found the contracting firm Monberg & Thorsen in 1919.

The engineers Sigurd Dyrup, Axel Monberg and Ejnar Thorsen found the paint and varnish factory S. Dyrup & Co A/S in 1928. This was the start of Monberg & Thorsen’ involvement in industrial companies.