Monberg & Thorsen’s ethical policy reaffirms our commitment to act in an ethical manner in everything we do. Our ethical policy encompasses our commitments in relation to integrity, fairness and corporate responsibility.

We wish to demonstrate corporate responsibility – by showing consideration for people and the environment, thereby acting in a socially and ethically responsible manner in all business areas.

We will carry out our activities in such a way as to ensure that ethical standards are applied that mean that we comply, at all times and as a minimum, with the laws in the countries in which we operate.

Monberg & Thorsen’s ethical policy consists of the following three key areas:

  • Business conduct
  • Social relations
  • Human rights

Monberg & Thorsen A/S is a holding company. Its key asset is MT Højgaard. The vast majority of our activities is being carried out by this company, which has separate description of its corporate responsibility on its website, including its ethical policy. Reference is made to this website for further details of our (Monberg & Thorsen’s) corporate responsibility.

MT Højgaard


Business conduct
Monberg & Thorsen must act with credibility and integrity in relation to:

  • Legislation and directives
    – We must, as a minimum, comply with legislation and directives in all countries in which we operate.
    – We must ensure that all employees comply with legislation, directives and our policies. Violations must be reported to management, which must take appropriate action.
  • Financial statements
    – We must keep books and prepare the documentation required by national legislation.
  • Bribery
    – We must not accept bribes or use any other illegal methods, either directly or indirectly.
    – We must never offer or make any form of gift or payment that constitutes or could be perceived as a bribe.

Social relations
Monberg & Thorsen must have good, respectful and constructive social relations:

  • Interaction
    – We must ensure that every single part of the Group strives to understand and function constructively together with the society of which we are a part.
  • Relations
    – In the communities in which we carry out activities, we will base our actions on respect, responsibility, dialogue and mutually realistic expectations.

Human rights
Monberg & Thorsen must respect the internationally recognised human rights. We represent a corporate culture that upholds the internationally recognised human rights.

  • Responsibility
    – We must act as a responsible citizen and support and respect the internationally recognised human rights.
  • Forced labour
    – We do not accept forced labour.
  • Child labour
    – We do not accept child labour, which is defined in accordance with the relevant ILO Conventions. If national legislation stipulates a higher minimum age and/or other rules for compulsory schooling, this/these shall apply.
  • Discrimination
    – We recruit our employees on the basis of their work qualifications and treat all employees equally – regardless of ethnical or national origin, gender, race, religion or belief, political opinion, sexual orientation, age and disability.
  • Suppliers
    – We will only enter into contracts with direct contract partners/suppliers that comply with the law in the countries in which they have a presence and support and respect the internationally recognised human rights.
  • Pay
    – We will ensure that our employees’ wages, salaries and benefits live up to the minimum statutory limits, as a minimum, in the countries in which we operate.
    Working hours
    – We comply with the law and the working hours standards that apply in the countries in which we operate.